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Soaps and a lifestyle.

Updated: Jan 30

We have less and less time these days. Work, family, friends, meetings, socials, extended family commitments, schools runs, school picks and the list just goes on and on. How does one on top of that fit in a skin care and wash routine. Unless you are the super rich and have multiple extra hands to help, but let's be real folk the majority of us aren't and we struggle to keep up with most household chores, tasks and social obligations.

At Touch we have a minimalist approach to well-being and keeping clean. If a soap bar can give you moisture, good scent and that squeaky clean feel after, then we are all over it. From the founder of Touch, we looked in her bathroom and guess what. Firstly she only has one bar of soap that she bathes with (happens to be the rose geranium) and secondly uses it for absolutely everything. Since the birth of her second child she says that keeping things to an absolute minimum in the bathroom not only simplifies her life but also allows her to keep her stress levels down. "I found that after my second child I really didn't have time for anything let alone looking after my skin. When I developed the rose geranium bar I was so happy as it had everything I needed in just one bar of soap. It was moisturising and helped lift excess oil from my skin. It's my go to bar!"

So here at touch we believe it's more of a "Soapstyle," quick, easy and squeaky clean.

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