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Are we obsessed with achieving perfect skin?

Updated: Jan 30

Since when did we become so obsessed with looking good and with having skin like a new born baby?

Is it just us at Touch Wellbeing who feel that this has become the be all and end all of skin care - achieving perfect skin!

Is it really necessary to have flawless skin? To have clear, marvellously gleaming skin, free from imperfections and marks?

Doesn't our skin tell a story about our lives?

Those beautiful wrinkles around the corners of our eyes when we smile, that scar that never goes away which tells the story of falling down the stairs when you were three whilst chasing after your sibling.

We at Touch well-being see your beauty and feel that every mark and every scar should be celebrated.

We understand the need for perfection these days but how about let's work with what we've got and try and take care, protect and maintain the skin we are in. Oh yes we are all for anti-ageing, anti wrinkle, anti-crinkle, anti ..anti ...anti ....sorry we've lost our train of thought. Anyway we'll try and keep skin care simple for our dear customers and try our best to use the highest quality ingredients possible. We also promise to include natural ingredients in every product. A gentler approach to skin care. Also we would love to hear your view on skin perfection even if it different to ours. Drop us some comments!

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